If you’re not on the first page of Google, then how will people find you?

What is SEO? Put simply, SEO is about improving your website so that Google (or those other search engines) recommend your products and/or services when people are searching for them.

The latest figures show that 90% of all searches don’t go past the first page of Google and 90% of all website searches are done on Google.

So, we’ll say it again…

If you’re not on the first page of Google, then how will people find you?

At PerthWeb our SEO experts will work with you to create a tailored SEO Campaign that assists in building trust with Google and helps you rank on your selected target keywords.

Its not just the content that will help you rank on Google.

While they say ‘Content is King’, and quality content is definitely important, when it comes to SEO, there are still other factors that need to be considered. Which is why the whole team at PerthWeb gets involved with our client’s SEO needs.

While our Copywriting experts are reviewing your website copy, our Website Developers and Designers will be looking at:

  • Is your website loading quickly?
  • Is your website easy to use?
  • Is your website design turning people away?
  • Are other websites recommending your products/services?
  • Are there opportunities to showcase your products/services elsewhere?

All of these factors play a huge part in how Google sees your business website and whether it will recommend your products and/or services.

Local Perth SEO.

Unless you have a strong brand reputation that everyone in Perth knows, chances are, you are relying on Google to recommend your business to people searching for your services.

e.g. “Speech Therapists in Fremantle”

Through a targeted SEO Campaign, we can build your website’s relevancy, popularity and earn trust with Google, to achieve higher search engine rankings.

How does PerthWeb help your rankings on Google?

At PerthWeb our SEO Experts have access to some powerful online tools that allows us to see almost everything happening on Google search!

  • What search terms are being used in Perth
  • What search terms are working in your industry
  • What search terms are working for your competitors

From this information we select and create a custom SEO Campaign with selected target keywords and our experts will perform their magic to assist you in higher rankings for those key terms.

SEO Campaign Packages.

All our SEO Campaign Packages include:

  • Setup of key digital marketing assets
  • Industry and competitor SEO analysis, to provide our recommended top search keywords to target
  • Optimisation of website content based on selected target keywords
  • Review of website speeds
  • Review of website design and customer conversion
  • Creating key industry relevant backlinks to further improves SEO rankings
  • Monthly ranking reports
  • Quarterly in-person reviews and marketing strategy discussions

Talk to us today about your Digital Marketing requirements.

Our targeted SEO campaigns can take four to six months to show positive growth – trust takes time!

While we work on your organic search presence, our Google Ads services may be the answer to get those immediate results, its fast, effective and you only pay for the website traffic you actually receive.

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