Google Ads are a fast, effective way to get to the top of Google search without needing to make too many adjustments to your website.

What is PPC? Google Ads work on a pay per click (PPC) basis, which means you only pay when an interested customer visits your website.

Google Ads Generate Leads Fast!

Because of the ability to switch on and switch off easily, Google Ads can help you generate new leads quickly and within your budget.

We’ll help you discover the best keywords that are going to give you the best return on your investment and we regularly monitor your account to remove those keywords that aren’t returning results.

Google Ads Campaign Management.

PerthWeb’s Google Ads Campaign Management comes with:

  • No Lock In Contracts
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Regular review and contact with your Google Ads expert

Target your market with pin-point accuracy.

Choose your advertising location, time of day, demographics, keywords and the website page they land on.

When you think of Google Ads you may only consider those ‘Ad’ results when you perform a Google search, however Google has a few options for advertising which are all very targeted:

Google Search Ads.

Unlike Social Media Advertising, Google Search Ads targets those high-intent buyers who are actively searching for your products and/or services. Your advert can appear and direct people to either make direct contact or visit a particular page on your website.

At PerthWeb our Digital Marketing Experts have access to some powerful online tools that allows us to see almost everything happening on Google search!

  • What search terms are being used in Perth
  • How much those search terms cost per click
  • How much you need to spend to be at the top of every search
  • What search terms are working for your competitors

With this information we will formulate a Google Ads campaign that will convert Google search into paying customers.

Google Shopping Ads.

Reach more active shoppers with a Google Shopping Ads Campaign, the best part is you only pay when someone visits your website – it’s like having a window display in the busiest shopping mall!

Google Shopping Ads are those advertisements you see when you search for products and they take priority over Google Search Ads and organic page listings. Because searchers have the ability to view your products and relative information including pricing – the searchers who click are inherently further down the sales funnel – they are ready to buy!

Google Display Ads.

Google Display Ads are image ads shown on the Google network including millions of websites, apps and Google-owned properties, such as YouTube and Gmail. Unlike search advertising, display advertising is a visual advert of your products and/or services.

Given the complexity of Google tracking, you also have the ability to re-market using this type of advertising. Showing your advert to people who have already interacted with your search advertising or visited your website.

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