Why is branding so important?

Think how many times you have arrived at a website, and been put off by poor branding? Branding is the cornerstone of how your organisation is perceived by potential clients, and even existing clients or other stakeholders.

What makes a good brand?

A great brand allows businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors, creating a unique identity that customers recognise, remember, and associate with the business, in turn helping to build credibility and trust. A poor brand on the other hand can reflect badly on the business, making them appear dated and/or unprofessional for example.  This can mean poor outcomes from expensive advertising campaigns.

In short, without a great brand a business struggles to grow and achieve long lasting success.

Branding services.

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What elements make up a brand?

There are many elements to a brand, which work together to establish the brand’s identity, how it is perceived, and its relationship with its target audience.

Some of the most important elements are as follows:


The primary identifier of an organisation, product, or service. It should be memorable, meaningful, and distinctive.


The visual representation of a brand. It typically consists of a mark, typography (text), and colours that represent the brand’s identity. A great logo improves recognition.

Visual Identity

The key visual elements of the brand, such as the colour palette, typography, visual style, and any imagery. Consistency across all branding materials, such as the website, printed promotional materials, and any advertising is essential to reinforce a brand.


This needs to reflect the brand’s voice, tone, values, target market, positioning compared to competitors, its unique selling proposition, and other key messaging, whilst being clear, consistent, and persuasive.

Establish your brand today!

PerthWeb can assist with the establishment of a professional, unique, memorable, and persuasive brand, that will help your business thrive and grow.

They can design all the key elements such as the logo, branding guideline, email template, letterhead, business cards, brochures, and signage.  Visit the branding and print pages to see examples of branding PerthWeb has created for its clients, and then contact PerthWeb to discuss your business and brand.