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PerthWeb’s Simple CMS was created because the average Content Management System can be too hard to use for some clients! It provides PerthWeb the ability to customise the administration interface on the web site for its clients, meaning they only see the features they most need, unlike a CMS such as WordPress that is trying to be all things to everybody and can have a cluttered interface.

However being simple to use doesn’t mean the PerthWeb Simple CMS isn’t powerful. To the contrary, more advanced controls are hidden from the user but may be easily accessed if required. The CMS also includes modules for commonly required features such as:

  • shopping carts
  • member management
  • document management
  • job management
  • event management


But the best part about PerthWeb’s Simple CMS its ability to be highly customised to a degree that is very difficult to achieve with a product such as WordPress or Joomla. PerthWeb wrote the CMS to be flexible, and knows the code intimately, unlike an out of the box solution which contains 100s of thousands of lines of code written by someone else.

Where this is most helpful is highly customised e-commerce solutions such as and online applications.  PerthWeb recently built an online application to manage deliveries and tracking for a courier service for instance (this system is not visible to the public unfortunately).

If you have a unique online business idea then the PerthWeb CMS may be perfect, talk to us today!

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